Our Team

Who We Are

The Bangz team is a family, a collective group of individuals that are of one mind, one purpose, one mission and shared core values-the Bangz crew of professionals are like no other.

As a team we strongly believe in cultivating a unique team work style, a family-to consistently create an atmosphere that encourages learning and working together. Whether visiting us as a guest, or interested in joining our team, we hope that this spirit is apparent. We encourage you to experience different service providers in order to find the perfect fit for you. We have a format in both the salon and spa to ensure consistency in services.

We are grateful for the opportunity to join together daily to create an environment that allows individuals to come together to grow, learn inspire and to be inspired, for both our Guest and Staff.

Our Team

  • Shannon Manley

    Shannon Manley

    Senior Stylist
  • Brittany Farr

    Brittany Farr

    Owner/ Esthetician
  • Kia Brigham

    Kia Brigham

    Master Stylist
  • Jennifer Mulligan

    Jennifer Mulligan

    Salon Manager